Our History

Anpario was formed from a combination of three UK companies. Through the acquisition of Meriden Animal Health, Kiotechagil and Optivite, Anpario has brought together cutting-edge product technology and has the broadest range of speciality feed additives in the market.

Agil was established in 1936 and its understanding of controlling microbial contamination and fermentation was formed in the development and application of silage additives from which Anpario’s anti-microbial acidifier range was developed. The name changed to Kiotechagil in 2007. The Kiotechagil acid-based products form a key part of Anpario’s Eubiotics range.

Optivite was founded in 1987 and grew to become one of the UK’s largest independent animal nutrition companies, supplying specialist feed components to integrators, feed compounders and home-mix farms across the UK and the world.  Optivite was the pioneer in developing omega 3 formulations for use in the egg-laying industry.

Meriden Animal Health was established in 1991 with a vision to produce natural products of the highest quality. Meriden produced the market-leading and pioneering Orego-Stim product, which was the first natural phytogenics product to be launched in the market.

Meriden Animal Health, Kiotechagil and Optivite were acquired by Anpario between 2006 -2012, having each been trading for over 25 years in the global feed additive industry.  In 2017, the Anpario name was re-positioned to become the customer facing brand, being used to market and sell around the world to both end users and distributors.

Anpario Timeline