Our Brand

The Anpario name was created in 2011 to reflect our growing ambition in the global market for natural animal feed additives. ‘An’, the first syllable of animal and ‘pario’ is Latin for ‘to create, give birth or produce’.

Consolidating to the single company brand of ‘Anpario’ has enabled us to communicate more effectively and clearly in terms of corporate vision, philosophy and values.

The tick logo underpins our investment in research and development. It reflects our goal to provide unique science-based solutions in line with our responsibility for the world we live in.

Anpario Logo

Nature’s Answer is our way of expressing that our technologies work in harmony with the natural aspects of the animal’s biology to promote healthy growth.  Thereby, complementing the natural growth and development of the animal as opposed to being subjected to intensive farming techniques necessary in today’s world.

Anpario Logo

Our products work in tune with nature’s inherent processes to support production of safe and economic food for a growing global population.