Orego-Stim – Naturally More Profitable

Orego-Stim is a natural product which contains oregano essential oil and is available as a powder or liquid for inclusion into feed or water. Orego-Stim uses proprietary extraction techniques and high quality standards to ensure a high quality and consistent product.

Orego-Stim works in the animals gut to improve overall health and has a wide range of beneficial effects in all species.

Orego-Stim Production Ensures Product Consistency

It is well known that the essential oils from oregano plants across the world can vary widely in the content and concentration of the active components.  This variation can depend on location, soil type, climate and altitude amongst other things.  Several studies have been carried out examining this issue with the same conclusions, that using oil from different sources, at different times of the year, would give very different finished products.

Anpario take quality very seriously and testing starts before plants are harvested.  Samples are taken from the crop to determine the levels of the main active ingredients, carvacrol and thymol. At exactly the right time, the plants are harvested and taken to the distillery for oil extraction by steam distillation.

Once extracted, the oil is analysed again to confirm the carvacrol and thymol levels fall within our strict specification limits, along with over 35 other compounds found in oregano oil.  The final product undergoes further testing to ensure the product meets specifications for release, ensuring uniformity of every batch.

Blending & Manufacture

Significant research and expertise underpin the manufacture of Orego-Stim, whether that be in powder or liquid form.

Specially selected mineral carriers ensure a free-flowing and homogenous finished powder product.  This is vital to any manufacturing process to allow even dispersion in the final feed.  Orego-Stim Powder is then packed into foil bags and sealed to maintain the freshness over the two years’ shelf life.

The selection of emulsifiers, other components and oregano oil provide a liquid formulation that mixes easily in water without separation.

How Orego-Stim Can Help Your Business

Orego-Stim promotes gut health throughout all the critical stages of growth, maintaining a healthy appetite and supporting the animal through periods of stress.  Maintaining good gut health helps the animal to achieve its genetic potential, which in turn maximises profitability.

Next Steps

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