Anpario’s Orego-Stim Insight Trip 2019

Nestling in the hills of Central Europe, Anpario’s unique oregano is grown using organic, pesticide-free principles, in order to produce the essential oils required for the production of the market-leading phytogenic eubiotic, Orego-Stim.

The 17th June 2019 saw Anpario customers and colleagues from the UK, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand and the Philippines visit the beautiful oregano fields from which Anpario’s unique variety of oregano is grown, and also the laboratories and distillery where the essential oils are produced. In addition to this, Anpario’s technical experts ran a series of Technical Seminars in order to share new and exciting results regarding the use of Orego-Stim in ruminant, swine and poultry species.

Orego-Stim is a high quality, phytogenic eubiotic and contains 100% natural oregano essential oil. Orego-Stim has a complex mode of action, with a function in appetite enhancement and offering antioxidant properties, immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory function and also in beneficially modulating gut microbiota. The visit, organised by Anpario, gave customers the opportunity to further aid and enhance their understanding of the complex mode of action of Orego-Stim, whilst witnessing first-hand the incredible way in which the oregano is grown and the oils are produced.

The Technical Seminars, run by Anpario’s product and species experts, enabled customers to hear the most recent news and trial data for Orego-Stim. Presentations depicted a wide range of benefits, including improved health and productivity, across ruminants, swine and poultry species.

The visit was enjoyed by all, Anpario colleagues and customers alike, and was both a valuable and memorable experience.



About Anpario:

Anpario plc is a world-leader in producing Specialist Feed Technologies which are both innovative and tailored to meet the ever increasing population requirements for healthy food. Anpario’s technologies are sold in over 80 countries through established sales and distribution networks, which includes a number of wholly owned subsidiaries in key markets around the world.

Our main focus is understanding animals’ intestinal health and nutrition, so we can help our customers achieve optimum animal performance, with good return on investment, boosting profitability in today’s modern livestock production systems.

Our technologies are developed, produced, and dispatched directly from our pioneering quality assured manufacturing plant in the UK.  We have over 30 years of expertise in the agricultural sector and we work with key research institutes and universities across the world to evaluate our innovative, cutting-edge technologies.  The Anpario portfolio is divided into four categories Health and Performance, Toxin Management, Feed Quality, Hygiene and Insect Control.  Anpario’s technologies come in specially designed packaging to guarantee consistency of the product and an excellent shelf life.

Anpario’s cutting-edge technologies work in harmony with the natural aspects of both the animals’ biology and environment to optimise health, growth and profitability.