Anpario celebrates long serving employees with awards for service ranging from 10 years to 23 years.

On Wednesday 22nd May, Anpario celebrated long serving employees and recognised hardworking individuals across multiple departments. It is the commitment from these employees that has aided our continued success.

The 2019 L.O.S award ceremony saw Jane Lee, Logistics Coordinator for Europe, accomplish 23 years with Anpario, along with other employees with the incredible achievement of completing various lengths of service, ranging all the way from 10, up to 17, years.

Without such dedication from staff members working in teams from all departments across the globe, Anpario would not have grown to be the world-leading Specialist Feed Technology Company we are today.



We are proud to say that between these 11 people we have an impressive grand total of 164 years experience!

A huge congratulations to all our long serving employees, and thank you for all your hard work and dedication.



About Anpario:

Anpario plc is a world-leader in producing Specialist Feed Technologies which are both innovative and tailored to meet the ever increasing population requirements for healthy food. Anpario’s technologies are sold in over 80 countries through established sales and distribution networks, which includes a number of wholly owned subsidiaries in key markets around the world.

Our main focus is understanding animals’ intestinal health and nutrition, so we can help our customers achieve optimum animal performance, with good return on investment, boosting profitability in today’s modern livestock production systems.

Our technologies are developed, produced, and dispatched directly from our pioneering quality assured manufacturing plant in the UK.  We have over 30 years of expertise in the agricultural sector and we work with key research institutes and universities across the world to evaluate our innovative, cutting-edge technologies.  The Anpario portfolio is divided into four categories Health and Performance, Toxin Management, Feed Quality, Hygiene and Insect Control.  Anpario’s technologies come in specially designed packaging to guarantee consistency of the product and an excellent shelf life.

Anpario’s cutting-edge technologies work in harmony with the natural aspects of both the animals’ biology and environment to optimise health, growth and profitability.