About Us

Anpario is an international producer and distributor of high performance natural feed additives for animal health, hygiene and nutrition.  Anpario’s expertise is focused on intestinal health and nutrition and utilizing this understanding to improve animal performance and producer profitability.

Anpario supplies its customers with quality assured products manufactured in the United Kingdom and has an established global sales and distribution network in over 70 countries, which includes a number of wholly owned subsidiaries in the key markets around the world.

Anpario is listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market and was built up from a combination of three UK companies: Meriden Animal Health, Kiotechagil and Optivite. Since these acquisitions, Anpario has made gradual internal changes to combine and standardise systems and processes, to form one company under the Anpario brand.

These changes have brought together cutting-edge product technologies and the broadest range of speciality feed additive products in the market, including pioneering products such as ‘Orego-Stim’ and ‘Salkil’.  In addition to the company’s gut health and nutritional expertise, Anpario is uniquely able to apply special active ingredients to a carrier matrix system.  Anpario’s primary objective is to deliver greater outputs from the limited global resources in an efficient and sustainable way. The benefits of our products have not only demonstrated their value to the animals that have been fed our feed additives, but also to the progeny that they produce.

Our expertise has been developed over many years and we now work with key research sites and universities across the world when developing our product technology.  The portfolio of innovative products is divided into four categories: Eubiotics, Feed Security, Feed Quality and Nutritional. Products are packaged in bespoke high quality packs and colour coded by category for ease of identification by our customers.

Feed Security
Feed Quality

Unique Carriers

Anpario’s mineral carriers are unique in the market in allowing quick delivery of liquid active ingredients to be fed to the animal in a dry, easy to handle, mixable form. This form makes it easier for the feed-miller to work with and also for the animal to benefit from the active ingredients quickly and efficiently. The inert nature of the carrier, which cannot be digested, may also help in prolonging the effect of the actives throughout the digestive tract of the target animal. The carrier can also act as a matrix on which probiotic organisms may flourish, further encouraging the optimum balance of microflora in the gastro-intestinal tract (GIT).

Anpario Aim

Anpario’s mission is to add value throughout the lives of animals. We combine knowledge, science and nature to provide products that enhance the natural development of livestock animals to maximise the producers’ profitability.